LifethePoet's Birth Of My Aura

LifethePoet's Birth Of My Aura


“LifethePoet’s Birth Of My Aura is an inspiring collection of poetry that stems from hopeless romantic fantasies to the harsh realities of what life really is!!! This piece will enlighten you while it relates to your life, and the obstacles mankind faces as a whole. Packed with inspirational words to boost your confidence to the place where it should be. “LifethePoet’s Birth Of My Aura” is built to birth you from the womb of everything that has an effect on my readers negatively into a new world of beautiful energy!!! To show them they are not alone at their lowest points inside. Dream! Be different and accept who you are!!!! Know in your heart that whatever you come across in life will never measure up tall enough to hover over the joy you can obtain!! You are a warrior in world that does not want to see a fighter be different and rebel. If you can’t beat them don’t join them, don’t join them! Just keep fighting because that is more rewarding to your heart to be successful your own way!! Love others, but this book will remind you to love yourself!! I Love You and Thank You!!

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