How Zoe Made Friends By Jarred Stanton

How Zoe Made Friends By Jarred Stanton


When Zoe has to start a new school after the summer holidays, she is naturally apprehensive. Making friends at a new school was hard enough but with her skin condition, that made it look like she had two different skin tones, it had always been harder.

In her last school she had been lucky enough to befriend Quinn and that had changed everything. But now she would have to start all over and Quinn had already told her how horrible third graders could be.

It isn't too long before Quinn's words are ringing in Zoe's ears, when class bully Nyla decides to try to turn the rest of the class against her by telling them that she has a disease and is contagious.

Zoe fears the worst, but she is tougher than she thought she was and is determined that she will make friends and that others will like her for who she is. She just needs to work out how.

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