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About Promising DayDreamers Association

Committed to Inspiring Change

Promising DayDreamers Assoc. is known for transforming the lives of audiences. Their talks are attended by people of all ages and backgrounds, as well as inspired leaders from a variety of industries. A strategic approach combined with an outside-the-box perspective, Promising DayDreamers Assoc. will help you breakthrough challenges to reach your goals. While we are committed bringing out an individual's best version of themselves, along with a safe zone for growth. Our potentials are shaped by everyone else's opinions of who they think we should be or what they want us to be. Here at Promising DayDreamers we encourage young people and anyone else who need to hear: "You Can Do It!", "Work Towards Your Dreams," "Don't Be Ashamed Of What You Want In Life." While we love our athletes and musicians, we show our members that there are other areas one may have a special gift in. The DayDreamers are about bringing out the doctors, lawyers, judges, scientist, chemist, artist, filmmakers, architects and more!


Jarred Stanton

Founder, Speaker, Author

Jarred Stanton otherwise known as "LifethePoet". He is a native of Mobile, AL. He graduated from Remington College in 2017 with his Associates Degree in Process Technology. After college, he found myself deeper in writing poetry with aspirations of creating more serious works. Soon after, Jarred began coaching Youth League Football for the Loxley Bengals where he's been for the last five years. During his second year of coaching, his love for youth and mentoring turned into what is now the Promising DayDreamers Association. Playing a positive role in how children excel is one of the most beautiful things he has experienced and his overall dream has been to grow his own organization. Speaking is something he has a passion for and he plans to use this gift to inspire the future generations to want more, to love themselves, and to put out an end to bullying.