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How Zoe Made Friends

How Zoe Made Friends

Top Seller

How Zoe Made Friends is a great book for younger children, which touches on themes of inclusion and accepting others for who they are, while being strong and not allowing yourself to be bullied or picked on.  With over 40 positive reviews from around the world, Zoe has made her way into schools and homes as a popular read! Get yours now!
This book is available on Ebook, Paperback and Hardcover. It can also be found on Barnes and Noble.


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Here at Promising DayDreamers we are aiming for a better tomorrow. We tailor talks by the age and need of clients to get the best results for the children/students everywhere. Our three main points of focus are; Bullying, Self-Love, and Development. For more information please contact us via chat or email! Let's make a difference!

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We know how hard it is to stay inspired to be ourselves! In a world where everyone hides their battles and stand down from the very challenges that will help them reach new heights. We understand and created groups for anyone to express themselves openly about what they are going through. A place they can truly talk about what they want out of life and be encouraged!


What People Have To Say About Jarred

"Jarred Stanton is an inspirational young man who does a fantastic job when speaking to young children. Jarred was able to tell his own story in a relatable way that forces students to stop and listen. Not only does Jarred speak about athletics, he reminds them that receiving an education should be every students’ number one priority. Jarred understands that many student athletes fail to succeed because they don’t put school first. He does a great job explaining the consequences of effortlessly going through the motions of school because a child thinks he/she is going to the major leagues. He speaks real-world truths to our future leaders. Jarred is a responsible, respectful, and ideal role model to all future leaders."

Brandy Gier: 5th Grade Teacher, Rosinton Elementary School

"Jarred Stanton speaks from the heart. Through his own personal story, he has become wise beyond his years. His presentation is the perfect blend of energy and motivation. Just what the youth of today need to hear. Highly recommend! "

Amy Cockrell: Executive Director of Hearts For Athletes

"I think when Jarred Stanton speaks, he is driven by passion and emotion. In my opinion, when Jarred Stanton speaks he leaves you with a feeling that anyone can be or do anything he or she wants to do. There is no limit to their success. It is important for us to think for ourselves but be responsible. Jarred Stanton always encourage us to always surround ourselves with positive people or role models."

Yolanda Wilcox: Paraprofessional, Gilliard Elementary School

Mr. Stanton came and spoke to the Lion's Club of Mobile after being invited by the First Vice-President of the local club. Mr. Stanton spoke about the trials and turmoil that he had experienced after having a health scare as a teenager. What is amazing and encouraging is that even at a young age, Mr. Stanton has decided that he is going to persevere and that he is going to be a leader among leaders.  In addition to being a public speaker, Mr. Stanton has written and self-published several books including at least three containing his original poetry.

Lion's Club Vice President: James K. Harred

Jarred has such a passion for speaking and you hear that every time he presents himself. His heart for people, specifically children, is unremarkable. And it doesn’t stop there. In addition to speaking, he also has written several books and as you read them, you feel the heart and like you’re apart of the story as well.

Youth Ministry Leader - Krysten Stanton

 I interviewed Jarred for my podcast which highlights African-American leaders in our community. This gentleman is a shining example of transparency and positivity. His words rang with a sense of experience and motivation. As an already established author, he is an inspiration to those who seek to expand their own self-set limitations. I cant wait to work with him again.

Jeremy Evans

Such an amazing guy with an amazing story to tell for our youth today. Please have him visit your community and share his knowledge. Truly a blessing!

Kevin Cooper

Jarred Stanton is a truly uplifting man whose mind is set on raising the spirits of others. People who can increase positivity and productivity in our modern times are so valuable, and Mr. Stanton is certainly able to deliver that. He is a great source of inspiration!

George Williams

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jarred about his book “How Zoe Made Friends” and I thoroughly enjoyed his spirit, personality and story. This young man is committed to family, community, art and literature. A strong, motivating voice for this generation of youth. I believe he is one of the most passionate, empathetic and genuine authors out here! Thank you Jarred for the work you do...keep going strong!

Myneesha King


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